Invite and manage team members

To manage team members on desktop, click "Bonjour" at the top right, then "Account Settings". This will open the information page about your operation. In the "User Management" section, click "Edit Users".

To manage team members on mobile, tap the user account icon at the bottom right of the navigation, then "Settings" -> "Account Settings". In this account view tap "Edit" -> "View Users" -> "Edit".

Add a new team member by clicking the green "+" on desktop, or "Add User" text on mobile. At a minimum enter the user's name and email. Next, specify their permissions (click the lock icon on desktop to drop down permission settings).

There are two types of permissions, view and manage. Unchecking manage permissions will disallow the user from modifying data for that item. Unchecking view permissions will completely remove that feature from appearing to that user.

Team Member: Ability to only view information and post in the chat. No editing capabilities.

Manager: Ability to view and edit task lists and recipes.

Restaurant Management: All permissions of a Manager plus the ability to edit operation information including adding new users.

Admin: All permissions of a Restaurant Manager plus the ability to manage billing.

Custom: Customize a user's permissions that best fits their role.

If you need to remove existing team members, do so by clicking the red "-" icon.

Be sure to click save when completed.

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