Tasks overview

Tasks are the pulse of task lists. These are the actionable items within either Prep Lists or Check Lists that need to be completed, and can be created and managed within the edit task lists view.

Any task due on the current day is indicated by a purple strip alongside the left-side of the task and parent rows. By default Check List tasks are marked as due, however Prep tasks are only marked as due if a prep count is set.

At any time you can view additional details of a task that were set by the creator by clicking the three dotted icon on the right side of a task row. If the task is a Check List task, it will display information including task photos/videos, description and assignee. If the task is a Prep List task, it will display information including task photos/videos, description, assignee, unit of measurement and par count.

When a task is marked completed, the details about who completed and timestamp will appear in the task details popover.

Note: in the task details popover, all tasks come with a "Task Notes" field for task doers to add their own notes if necessary. 

Task Filtering

There are a few view filters to choose from within tasks to better manage your workflow. These options include:

All: default view option that will show all tasks regardless if it's due or completed
All Due: this will only show the tasks that are due for that day
My Tasks: this will show tasks that have only been assigned to you for that day
Completed: this will show only the tasks that have been completed so far on that day

To access these options, click "View: All" at the top of Task Lists view.

Note: Tasks can only be managed by users with the "Manage Tasks" permission set to on.

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