Recipes overview

Recipes are the backbone of an operation, and opsi was built to manage your recipe book in a simple and familiar way. Below you will find the features that make up recipes on opsi.

Categories: The category that recipes will fall under (ex. Appetizers, Entrees, Garde Manger, etc.). You can create and manage your categories the way you want, and also use them as recipe books!

Recipes: The main level of a dish. This includes all information for that dish including prep method and the components that make up that dish.

Component Recipes (sub recipes): Items of a recipe (ex. garlic aioli or cocktail sauce) which also contain their own prep methods.

Ingredients: Items of a recipe that do not include their own prep method information (ex. salt or bay leaf).

Examples of completed recipe formats:

Entree (category)
    Lamb Apricot (recipe)
         Lamb (component)
         Potatoes (component)
         Apricot Jus (component)
         Salt (ingredient)

Shellfish (category)
    Shrimp Cocktail (recipe)
         Cocktail Sauce (component)
         Garlic Aioli (component)
         Shrimp (component)
         Salt (ingredient)

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