Create a recipe or ingredient category

Categories are where all of your recipes and ingredients live within (ex. Appetizers, Entrees, Garde Manger, etc.). We recommend creating categories in a format that is familiar to your operation. You can use categories to act as your recipe books as well.

Desktop: To create a category, first navigate to the "Recipes" tab in the main menu. Click the circular "+" icon to drop down options and choose "New Recipe Category" or "New Ingredient Category" and enter a title. Click save when you're finished.

Mobile: To create a category, first navigate to the "Recipes" tab in the main menu. Tap the "Edit" button at the top right then "Add Recipe Category". To create an ingredient category instead, first tap "Filter" at the top left to switch to the Ingredients view, then tap "Edit" -> "Add Ingredient Category".

Note: Recipe and ingredient categories can only be created and edited by users with the Manage Recipes permission.

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