Creating recipes and ingredients

To create a recipe, first navigate to the "Recipes" tab in the main menu. Within this view, if you're on desktop click the green "+" button and choose "New Recipe" to add a new recipe to your operation's account. On mobile tap "Edit" at the top right then "Add Recipe".

Recipe Fields

Is Component: Check this if you're creating a component (sub recipe) of a recipe. This would be a recipe that also contains its own prep instructions and ingredients, and lives within one or multiple recipes. Note: all components by default appear in the "Components" category.

Active: Keep this checked on if this recipe is actively being used by your team. Or, switch off and it will move into the Inactive category.

Recipe Name: You've got this one.

Recipe Category: Add the recipe to any of your recipe categories. A recipe can live within any number of categories. By default, recipes fall within "Uncategorized" unless a category is specified.

Videos & Images: Attach any number of images or videos to your recipe by file selection or dragging and dropping.

Ingredients & Components: Enter all of your ingredients and components with their amounts, unit of measurements and prep methods.

If you're looking to create a new component recipe or ingredient you can simply type the name, then select "Create New Ingredient" or "Create New Component Recipe". Once you enter the details and save it will add that newly created item as an ingredient.

If you're adding existing components or ingredients to the recipe, simply start typing the name and it will appear in the dropdown - then click/tap to attach.

Recipe Information: Enter all of the additional recipe information including yields, prep methods, notes, training details like pairings and delivery verbiage, etc.

Helpful Tip: "Cost of Recipe" and "Price on Menu" fields only allow for numbers, decimals, /, and $ characters. If entering a value in both of these fields, it will generate a simple Food Cost Percentage upon saving. You can generate multiple values by using this format "$5.00 / $10.00".

Note: You must have the Manage Recipes permission to create recipes and ingredients.

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